Thoughtfulness in a professional environment

February always gets me thinking about how I can express my love for my husband, our children, and our extended family. I always try to find unique and fun ways to say “I love you!”hearts-on-door

This year I am writing one quality I love about each of my children on a foam heart every day and taping the hearts to their bedroom doors. By Valentine’s Day my children will have 14 hearts stating 14 things I love about them.

I loved this idea when I heard about it! (No, I didn’t think of it on my own!) It got me thinking- what am I doing to show my clients I “love” them? And by extension, how am I advising them to show their clients that they “love” them?

Sure, I always suggest that my clients send thoughtful Christmas gifts and cards every year, but surely there is space to express gratitude throughout the year.

Thank you notes.

Loyalty Programs.

Referral Programs.

Unique logo gifts as touchstones.

These are a few practices I’ve suggested throughout the years.

Every time I’ve taken the time to reach out in a thoughtful way, I’ve received a positive response. In a digital age where personal touches are less and less common, a simple gesture can make a big impact.

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